About US

Founded in 2015, Zhongshan Munnon Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leading provider of agricultural lighting solutions, providing high-quality lighting systems and solutions to thousands of agricultural users at home and abroad every year. We are committed to bringing the advanced intelligent agricultural lighting concept into the agricultural production management, improving the production efficiency, convenience and data management for customers, and creating more value.

  The company has a variety of products, which can meet the lighting needs of different animals and plants at all stages, and has a complete set of solutions for chicken farm, pig farm, rabbit farm, cattle farm, pigeon farm, etc,. The company's products are designed in accordance with waterproof and dustproof, no stroboscopic, 0-100 electrodeless dimming and safe low voltage. All the imported green and energy-saving LED light sources have a long service life and a normal mission of more than 50000 hours. It is very suitable for the lighting of modern animals and plants to achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy saving.

   The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, product quality assurance for more than three years, and a number of national patents. Higher quality and continuous innovation make it always at the forefront of the industry!